For the Dads

Nature's Epidural

Proven Safe, Pain Relieving, & Soothing

Birth is not just about Mom and Baby, it is a life-changing and vulnerable event for Dads too. Husbands need to know that their wife and baby will be safe and taken care of to the highest standards available. We can and will provide that.

mistrust and criticism

Three Reasons Why Birth at Heartbeat is Safe:

Our Midwives are highly experienced and trained to handle any emergency short of a cesarean. 

Though we strive for a homelike atmosphere at the Birth Center, Heartbeat is equipped with much the same medical equipment as a hospital

In the event of transport, Heartbeat is close to the hospital and has direct admission to the NICU and Maternity. 

What Dads at Birth often Do:

Birth at home or the Birth Center looks very different than a birth at the hospital. 

Help to catch their baby.

Drink a beer

Why Dads Love Their Experience with the Midwife:

Direct involvement

Able to be an active participant

Not sidelined