Professional Education & CEUs

Our midwife, Carmen, has been teaching midwifery since 2007 and has been a preceptor for over 40 student midwives. In addition, she has taught a variety of CEU workshops for licensed midwives.


A common complaint among mothers is discomfort and pain from improperly repaired tears. Unfortunately, many midwives and doctors do not fully understand the art of suturing perineal lacerations.

Having successfully repaired over 1,000 lacerations from simple fixes to more complicated 3rd degree tears, Carmen has extensive hands-on and teaching experience. 

​Birth Complications:

Carmen has dealt with just about every emergency in the book. With over 900 births she has not lost a single mother or infant. As midwives, we take every precaution to avoid high-risk situations, but in the real world, emergencies happen and as professionals, we must be prepared to handle them.

In this workshop, you will learn from the personal experience of a professional how to safely manage anything from a breech delivery to a severe hemorrhage.

Neonatal Resuscitation:

The baby is born, but wait, they are not breathing! What now? All those hours of experience, practice, and reading come into play to save this little newborn's life. If you feel you need a little brushing up, we are always up for some skills drills.


Do you feel prepared to effectively insert the IV needle on the first try? If you don't, this might be the perfect workshop for you.

Newborn Exam:

From head to toe, there is much to examine and observe about a newborn. With a well-done exam, long term problems can be detected allowing early intervention. Though one of the basics of midwifery, the newborn exam is an important part of the midwives role in taking care of the newborn. With so many things to check, a brush up and a new perspective is never a bad idea.  

If you are interested in hosting a workshop for the midwives in your area, please give us a call!